Adopt A Child Foundation

Adopt A Child Foundation prioritizes child development through private funding of international and national donors. As an organisation, we pride ourselves as key drivers for positive change with sustainable development at the top of our agenda. Our business model has integrated environment, education and sport in order to introduce a green lifestyle at a young age to ensure that poverty is alleviated at an early age and sustainable development becomes a part of our daily lives. The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing that all of us share. It is only a mirror of ourselves, but a focusing lens on which we become. This has led to our basic philosophy “green is not a project but a lifestyle”.

Who We Are

An Introduction

The Adopt – A – Child Foundation (ACF) is a non-profit organization that aims to assist and better the lives of both black and white underprivileged children in South Africa through a green lifestyle, education and sport excellence. As an organization we strongly believe that living green leads to sustainability. We do this by ensuring that the basic needs for our children are met through the help of fellow South Africans from all walks of life. The deep-rooted challenges faced by children in South Africa include: poverty, racism, abuse of woman and children and unemployment by breaking through the conventional means of thinking about future development; Adopt – A – Child – Foundation ensures that all processes used encourage sustainability by respecting the natural balance of the symbiotic relationship between our environment and the community. Our motto is ``green is not a project but a lifestyle``.

Mission Statement

The growth of any nation is not the primary task of the elected government but is rooted in the people power to empower themselves.
Our mission is to promote and develop leaders of the community and expose these leaders to sustainable development that it's environmentally friendly with emphasis on both education and sports excellence. It will have to come from the roots up and not from the top down.
The foundation also aims to help the young to meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach full potential.

Our Goals

Our Vision

Provision for basic rights for our learners
Create opportunities through sustainable living, education and sports
Improve matric results in rural areas by channelling required resources to the schools.
Introduce proper talent management at a young age for our learners through stakeholder partnerships.

The Vision:

To become a world class leader in the driving change for sustainable development for our learners.

Consider driving in the great townships of South Africa across all provinces, whether it is Umlazi in Durban or Sobantu in Pietermaritzburg, perhaps Gugulethu and Khayelitsha in Cape Town or maybe Mdantsane in East London, KwaMagxaki in Port Elizabeth, Soweto and Alexander in Johannesburg. What will you see? Billboards for alcohol all over. Drive through Kloof in Durban, Constantia in Cape Town or Sunninghill in Sandton see if the same is seen, sadly no. You will see Master Maths, Home Décor, latest international stars touring etc. It seems indirectly communicated that the poor can best be summarised as the target population of alcohol sales. These tools psychologically create the kind of environment we see around us. Crime, low rate of self-assertive youth who venture into unconventional careers, high rates of sexual activity with particular emphasis on the unprotected kind.

There is a need to change this situation and remedy it. A change in mind-set in which the poor communities is not indirectly used as the populous of alcohol sales, this change must move to a time when our townships are seen as centre of knowledge where the intellectual capacity of our nation is stored, such manufacturers must be guarded against foreign invasion and stimulants that might harm it.

For poverty suffering and injustice to succeed, we don’t need corruption to perpetuate it; we just need good people not to care. We at the Adopt A Child Foundation don’t just believe that children are the future we also believe investing in them is the greatest investment any nation can ever make. Through sports excellence our desire is to produce conductive learning environments for schools and students by funding equipment and tuition.

Child Beneficiary Model

This model is priority in our agenda and maps out how the child will benefit from when the donor funding and the relationship between the donor and the specific beneficiary. In summary, once the donor commits to funding, through the ACF computer system, the donor or funder will be able to track the development of the beneficiaries, eg. The donor will have access to all activities of that particular beneficiary. The criterion to qualify for funding is that is the following;

  • A child must be at school
  • Participate in school sports
  • Participate in all green projects at school

Adopt A Child Programme Model

ACF has adopted an integrated programe management approach in order to ensure that we deliver on our mandate. The reason for this approach is that ACF has introduced projects that all our beneficiaries participate in. As mentioned that sustainability is at the top of our agenda, all ACF’s project are driven from both sustainability and learner capabilities. This programme will be implemented in partnership with eco sound stakeholders to ensure that green living becomes part of what they know and live. As an organization, we also play a role in being responsible corporate citizens in South Africa. We are aware that sustainable development knowledge is not a priority in our black youth. This is not due to ignorance but mainly due to the fact that these messages do not reach young black people in townships and rural areas. There is also a lack of familiar faces and ambassadors for the environment in our community.

ACF has designed an intervention to address this challenge that will involve all relevant stakeholders in both private and public sector. This will also assist ACF to be a sustainable organization and at the same time accelerate and cultivate the number of our beneficiaries at an alarming rate. As an organisation we believe that awareness is created through meaningful conversation by concerned and responsible citizens.

Proposal to do Mental Toughness Training

It is proposed that Adopt-A-Child Foundation do a pilot project at the School of Excellence for a period of not less than 3 months, and not more than 6 months (recommended), determining the level of improvement and validating the effectiveness of a specialised Mental Toughness Programme that aims to improve the overall performance of the football players.

A before and after test protocol will be administered by an independent third party to determine the effectiveness of the training that was administered over the 3 to 6 month period.

The approach for the duration of the Programme will be to address the Physiological Performance, Game Performance, and Mental Performance Skills, listed in the Profile of a Top Performance Player below.

Profile of a Top Performance Player

Physiological Performance Skills (Aptitude):

  1. Has endurance and physical strength.
  2. Has good technique under pressure.
  3. Has equilibrioception and agility.
  4. Has quick reaction time and speed of movement.
  5. Has fast pace of play.

Game Performance Skills (Aptitude):

  1. Accurate technical execution.
  2. Good understanding of the game and anticipation.
  3. Good tactical decision and play making ability.
  4. Adaptability
  5. Inspires other players.

Characteristics / Mental Performance Skills (Attitude):

  1. Assertive, confident, and decisive on the field of play.
  2. Have good concentration, focus, and ability to take quick decisions.
  3. Knows how to manage fears and doubts.
  4. Knows how to control emotions. Good attitude.
  5. Has Mental Toughness. Handles pressure on and off the field well.
  6. Has drive and commitment to perform and improve. Task- vs. Ego Orientation.

Programme Outcomes

The expected outcomes and measurable improvements in both sports and academic performance should be sufficiently high enough to justify future roll-out of the Programme across the 52 SAFA regions in a sustainable manner.

The holistic approach of the Programme that includes the Dare-2-Dream and Gyro High Performance Programmes will show more mature, focused, and emotionally better balanced individuals, that are less prone to mental stress and injuries that affect career development.


Dare 2 Dream is an acronym that stands for Desire, Ability, Resilience, Enthusiasm, 2 (Duality of Choice), Do it Now, Reward, Empower, Assist, and Multiply.

This programme, containing various skills sets under each of the words, was designed to help people of all age groups become more successful at achieving their goals and dreams.

It originated from a belief that the most dangerous enemy you will ever encounter is the one who has nothing to lose. In this category are people with no or very little earthly possessions, and worst of all someone without any hope and dreams of a better future.

The intention of the D2D programme is to give one a reason to dream, and the means to make one’s dreams come true.

Dare 2 Dream is a programme that encompasses several life skills, moral value systems, and character building exercises. This enables the individual to start dreaming about a better tomorrow and equip oneself properly with the mental skills to reach one’s goals and dreams.

D2D is a design template according to which one can live a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

Gyro High Performance

Success of the Dare-2-Dream (D2D) Programme is linked to 10 minute workout sessions that address:

  • Lethargy, ADD, ADHD, and SID.
  • Core Strength Conditioning
  • Low Muscle Toning, Stretching, and Complete Body Workout.
  • Correcting Vertigo / Inner Ear Balance (Equilibrioception)
  • Correcting Left / Right and Front / Back Muscle Imbalances
  • Poor Spatial awareness and orientation
  • Back, Hips, Knees, and Ankles Therapy.
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.
  • Stress and Fatigue relief.
  • Obesity and Weight Control.
  • Drug Dependency Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Improving Poor Blood Circulation often experienced by Diabetics
  • Relieving Hyper Tension (High Blood Pressure)
  • High Performance Physical and Mental Toughness Training.

Cost of Pilot Programme

As was discussed at the meeting there are 123 students, 10 teachers, and 5 coaches at the School of Excellence that need to be accommodated on the programme.

A per head cost of R1850 per month is envisaged for the duration of the programme that includes any learning materials supplied to the players and staff, as well as equipment to be supplied on a loan basis for use on the premises.

Roll-out and Implementation

We will be ready to proceed with implementation of the Programme within 2 weeks from the time that we get appointed.

We thank you for the opportunity to be of service and trust this is the beginning of a long fruitful business association that will lift the standard of South African football the heights we all dream of, so that we can take our rightful place amongst the top football performing Nations of the World.


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